Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade

Nu, a bottled tea beverages company, recently releasing a new product : lemonade. Sea salt lemonade, to be exact. And it was discounted!


So, being a cheapo I am, I bought it! (And I can’t resist trying new things). The taste is fine, but it’s not a new taste. The lemonade is not very sour, it taste like it’s just sugar water with salty and sour aftertaste. It tasted like Adem Sari without the impact. The good thing? It’s not overly sweet like how bottled beverage in Indonesia usually is.

The packaging is cute, and it doesn’t taste bad, so I might buy it again – if there are promo or if I want a not-so-strong-or-sweet beverage.

Price : Rp 7.500

Rate : 3 oranges out of 5 oranges
Suitable for : Chilled on a sunny day when you want water but doesn’t want it plain. And too cheap to buy infused water
After thought : Will buy again! Maybe.


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