Sozzis: An Indescribable Chicken Sausage

Who does not know this chicken sausage local brand sold at supermarkets? Its colorful packaging and cute pictures successfully grab the attention of children, especially. Besides, its handy sausages consisting of three pieces and ready-to-eat features make it pretty handy as a snack. Well, for about IDR 5,500,- per package, this is affordable. The taste? Of course it can not be exactly what you have imagined just like having a plate of sausage at restaurants. The texture is somewhat “abstract” and its taste is weird. I am not so sure enough how well I can describe it. I do not think that I will come back for this though it is free. If you want to challenge yourself of tasting an anti-mainstream chicken sausage, consider this as an option. 

Look! This is what I find while having this snack. I am not so sure what kind of cartoon series this is. At the back, it says “magic card” with the life point of 2,500. Isn’t this cute, folks? Wish I understood how to use the card. At the end, I just neglect it (sorry bros and sissies).

Price : Rp 5.500

Rate : 1/5 for taste, 3/5 for convenience

After thought : Won’t try again even if it’s free


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