Bazaar Week UPH!

Hey there! Today when we walk into our sacred ground of work we notice something : There will be bazaar this week!

As we work in a university, there will be bazaar from time to time, as a part of students’ event, and most of this bazaar sell foods! The stalls are interesting; some are famous stalls that have traveled from bazaar to bazaar, some are the original stalls from alumni, and some are stalls so loved by all that they never lose their invitation to join the bazaar.

This week’s bazaar is from Communication major students, and they pick Indonesian theme, so we are excited to what stalls are out there!

And we decide we will do the review for most of the stalls and report it here!
Here are the list of the Food Stalls :

Click on the names for the complete review
  1. Bakmie Aloi
  2. Dallas Chicken
  3. Hey Banana
  4. Sanxiang
  5. Nasi Pedes
  6. Sweet Coco
  7. Mayora
  8. Waffelicious
  9. Martabak Mini
  10. Tenda Kepri, Bubur Ayam, Mie Kangkung, Siomay
  11. Pig a Boo
  12. Pujangga Kopi Dingin
  13. Butter Dice
  14. Bits
  15. Nasi Bakar Pangestu
  16. Kaaramel Juice
  17. Salted Egg
  18. Fish Plus
  19. Mie Palembang
  20. Nasi Goreng Gila
  21. Siomay Hitam
  22. Pizza Cone
  23. Thai Tea
  24. Crispy Chicken & Pudding
  25. Three Bonos
  26. Cimol, Lekker, Telur Gulung, Podeng, Kue Cubit
  27. Bakmi Asia
  28. Cheezy Garage
  29. Nicole Dessert
  30. Nasi Bumbu & Spaghetti
  31. Koperasi Karyawan UPH
  32. Es Duren
  33. Max Corner
  34. Coldstone
  35. Marzano
  36. Mayo Shimmer

Some on the list we merge into one because of the merged stalls and because they don’t have their own “brand”, just selling items. Not saying they are bad, though! We will try to try most of them and keep the report updated.

Stay tune!



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