Indomie Now Turns Out into Bites!

Indofood, one of the enormous food industries in Indonesia keeps developing its products starting from instant noodles within abundant kinds of flavors you can see at supermarkets up noodle bites – another sensational snack you can grab only on AEON supermarket at the moment. It has three flavors from seaweed (green), BBQ pizza (orange) and seafood tempura (pink). For this time, I just grab the green and orange colors as I am run out of cash (oops….) LOL

Let’s start with the seaweed first. Well, you know…. it does not turn out just like what I have been expecting as it is a little bit stinky and strange. While having the first bite, it is quite salty but it becomes bitter aftertaste. Hmm.. I should say that this is an epic-fail food innovation – sorry, dear greenish noodle bite. For this time, you let me down :(. The other one is BBQ pizza flavor packaged in orange. I do not know why I cannot feel the sensation of the barbecue pizza through the snack itself – is it because of my common sense or just the way it is? The taste is just salty and also a little bit stinky just like the previous flavor. Compared to the seaweed, I still prefer the seaweed flavor though both of these products incredibly break my heart </3

OK, so here are the scores based on what I sense from these products:

  • Taste: 2 out of 5
  • Price: 3 out of 5
  • Product Satisfaction: 1 out of 5

For one piece, it costs IDR 7,500,- that is quite pricey for a snack. I do not think that I will come back just for this snack – Sorry, Indomie noodle bites.


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