The Beloved 3-in-1 Childhood Snack Stall

This is the stall that never failed to open and inevitably making a long queue line in UPH bazaar! Their place is always the same, too, in the far corner in front of the “lake”, or the weird structure when it’s dry.

The stall from the outside. And it’s not the most crowded moment!

This stall is always crowded more likely to the sentimental and memory value of childhood snack. And because it’s actually geared towards children, it’s cheap(er than any other stall)!

This stall consist of, from right to left :

  • Telor Gulung
    Fluffy friedness! 3/5.

    At Rp. 10,000 for 5, it’s actually quite expensive compared to the usual price outside. There are nothing different or special too about this particular one. But it’s still good, of course. One thing to improve the taste? We advice to skip the sauce!







  • Cimol – got no good pics! Will update later!
  • Piscok
  • 20160523_131946.jpg
    Crispy and yummy! 3/5

    This is priced quite normal compared to the other items in this stall. Rp 5,000 for 3, it is not exactly a bargain, but not a bad deal. It is crispy and sweet, but ordinary – I have eaten better Piscok somewhere for sure.







  • Es Podeng – we haven’t try this, sorry
  • Lekker
    Featured Image -- 327
    Sweet, Crispy and addictive. 4/5

    This snack usually have a long queue and long waiting time as well, because it is freshly made and the process take quite long. But it’s all worth it when you bite into this Lekker. The price is Rp 2,000 for one. Not cheap compared to the usual price, but compared to the modern twist that are popping everywhere, it’s still a good deal. And because it’s freshly made, it’s served hot. We like it! (except if it becomes soft and gooey)

Interested to visit this stall? Please do! You can take a nostalgia trip and it is (quite) low-cost snack. Remember to avoid coming at lunch time though, as the waiting time will be long and lunch break will be over before you know it.

Overall rating :4/5 – can’t deny we love it too!


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