Three Bonos Meatballs: When Pasta Meets Meatballs

Catatan Si Ave

Starting from today, May 23 2016, be ready to grab the atmosphere of bazaar week UPH up to May 27, 2016. One of the meals we try for today is from Three Bonos Meatballs combining macaroni pasta and meatballs completed with mushroom sauce. Actually, you can customize it by adding spicy-reddish sauce as the other option. For this time, having its mushroom sauce is pretty tantalizing. Isn’t it like Swedish meatball at IKEA Alam Sutera?


Judging from the portion itself, It is quite much as a lunch menu. While looking at its iconic logo pictured as a cute man holding a bowl of food, what comes to our mind is about three men from Bono families cooking a dish with their thick mustaches (okay, enough for intermezzo ha-ha). While having the first spoonful of macaroni, the taste from the mushroom sauce comes out extraordinarily, making you enter the paradise of…

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