Floa Creamery

The winner of the day (2) : Floa Creamery


Ever being attracted to heaps of toppings that are displayed in a shop and then found out that if you want that it will cost you additional cost?

Not in Floa Creamery! Featuring their own homemade ice cream and waffle-shaped pudding to fool us into thinking we eat carbohydrates when actually it’s simpler sugar and fat. And if you don’t want the pudding, you can also request it to be an ice cream cone. We choose the pudding!


I order vanilla ice cream with chocolate pudding. The ice cream is delicious! Not overly sweet and not too creamy but still pleasant to the tongue, this homemade ice cream steals my heart at the first bite. The awesomeness fade the more bite we take, but first impression last forever right?
The taste come from the pudding though, the sweetness too. The pudding taste ordinary, like one of the instant pudding sold…

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