Sweet & Co

Here’s a stall that seems to present two opposite things : Dessert and healthy.


They sell two items : Yogurt Parfait, and overnight oat. I am not particularly feeling like I want to eat healthy that day, and ‘parfait’ sounds more dessert-y than ‘overnight oat’, and so my pick goes to “Bailey Parfait”, that cost me Rp 20.000. And I choose chocolate chip topping that cost me another thousand rupiah.


It consist of 3 layers : chocolate pudding, plain yogurt, and yogurt mixed with Baileys. Truthfully, I regret my choice. Yogurt and Baileys or maybe alcohol in general doesn’t work together. The taste is overpowering one another and it feels like a fight in our mouth. First the yogurt sourness and then the sting from alcohol and then the sweetness from chocolate in Baileys and chocolate chips. It’s not a very pleasant experience. It is bearable if we got a big chunk of the chocolate pudding at the bottom, and we imagine it will be heavenly if only the yogurt is milk/custard!


They also sell granola for a healthy snack.

Products : Healthy Dessert and snacks : Yogurt Parfait, Overnight oat, granola
Taste : 2/5 for Bailey Parfait
Price : 3,5/5, quite cheap for healthy foods
Afterthought : Maybe I should go full healthy and choose overnight oat instead!


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