Pujangga Kopi Dingin: Innovation of Cold Brewed Coffee

Thinking about coffee, what comes to your mind? Is it its blackish, hot beverages with steams from the brewing process with bitter taste? At this stall, you will find something different from the image of coffee as it has the method of cold-brewing process that is worth a try. It offers black, latte, and flavored coffee as its main signatures. For this opportunity, the butter rum coffee catches our attention.


The combination between coffee and rum is truly an epic success! We can feel how the coffee blends perfectly with the touch of rum. Besides, it is also a great partner to accompany you while dealing with the summer season just like nowadays. It is not Indonesian style coffee as it does not have even a hint of acidity in it, so we are sure they use espresso as their base.


Curious about the rating? Here it goes.

Product : Cold Brewed Coffee

Taste: 4 / 5

Price: 3 / 5

Product Satisfaction: 4 / 5

For one bottle of the coffee, it is priced as IDR 35,000,- as it is categorized as flavored coffee that is unfriendly with our pockets. However, its taste is something we cannot forget in just a short period of time.


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