Shiaotem, Shiaomai Item

Shiaotem. They also have a normal looking one

The lovely steamed snack that can be found in every corner all over Indonesia, siomay (Indonesian version of shumay) now has a new twist : we can now pick a black one! Named Shiaotem, this siomay made out of shrimp and chicken meat are added Japanese bamboo charcoal, that are believed to be able to attract the carbon inside our body and bring them out, making the color turn to black.

The cute logo

I believe the color are there to give wow factor and a marketing strategy as well. It works, because I wouldn’t normally bought siomay if it’s Rp 20.000 for 3 pieces of siomay. The taste is good,  (well they better be because it is expensive), taste like a dry regular siomay, but there are better tasting siomay out there. The sauce is classic Chinese shumay sauce, spicy and sour, not the Indonesian siomay nut-sauce. I personally think it lack salt.

It has the same socmed as Bakmi Irian because they are from the same owner. Maybe they will have their own socmed if it’s popular enough!

Product : siomay item, a healthier and color twist of siomay
Taste : 3,5/5, not bad, but nothing out of ordinary. Quite dry and not moist like how I prefer a siomay
Price : 2,5/5 uh… It’s just too expensive for a cheapo like me
Afterthought : Worth it for the first time and trendy factor!


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