Cutie Mini Ovomaltine Martabak: What Do You Think?

Secondly, we do not want to lose this mini martabak at bazaar week UPH as it is quite a rare to see the food stall selling martabak. The menus are divided into categories such as classic, gold, and premium. Classic menu is actually the basic martabak people usually have just like chocolate, cheese, etc. Another category, the gold one, includes ovomaltine, nutella, etc. The premium one will be about toblerone chocolate, green tea kit kat, etc. As we like ovomaltine pretty much, at the end we try having the ovomaltine version of martabak without thinking too much.

Judging from its look, oh my gosh! One phrase you can describe to express how tantalizing it is. All you can see is just the melted ovomaltine chocolate covering the top of martabak that successfully makes you drooling and gawking at it for a couple of seconds. You know, while having the first bite, the paradise of ovomaltine is just waiting for you inside your gut! Such an impeccable combination ever. Besides, the texture of martabak is lite and not too chewy. The more you eat, the more addictive you are going to be.


Let’s see the overall score for this mini snack:

Taste: 5 / 5

Price: 3 / 5

Product Satisfaction: 5 / 5

To have this cutie martabak for one piece, you have to spend the cost of IDR 18,000,- that perhaps is considered expensive. However, the exquisite taste offered is worth your while. And again, we should nominate this snack is the rock star of day 3 bazaar week UPH.



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