Street Foods at UPH Karawaci: Bringing Back to the Childhood Times

Perhaps, only a few food-bloggers are concerned about having reviews about street foods, especially in our beloved country Indonesia. For today’s opportunity, we have es podeng, cilok, and kue cubit. Want to know how yummy and traditional they are? Let’s take a look!


Es podeng, Javanese type of ice cream, is one of the street foods consisting of jelly, avocado, shredded coconut, sliced bread, and black glutinous rice. At the very top, you can see the ice cream is like shaved-ice as the word podeng is derived from French that means whirl. What makes it unique is the process of making the ice cream by whirling it. For the finale touch, it can be added with condensed milk, shredded peanuts and chocolate sprinkles. You can buy this ice cream as the companion while combating the sunshine especially in the afternoon.

20160525_133136Cilok, meaning to steal, is the appropriate snack for those who confess themselves as thieves! NO NO NO! we are just kidding because while trying to google it, the Indonesian-English dictionary says so. Do not worry, just ignore the introduction. Well, it is actually one of West Java’s typical snack that uses tapioca flour as the main ingredient. Along with minced meat and egg inside, it is shaped just like meatballs. The difference is just the matter of chewiness compared to the common meatballs. It is usually added with chili sauce and sweet soy sauce as condiments.

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Kue cubit, or translated as ‘pinched cake’ in literal English, has the ingredients of flour, baking powder, milk and sugar. As the steel plate during the cooking process has small round basins, no wonder it will create such round and hollow shape at the end. Just like es podeng, it is added with chocolate sprinkles to beautify it. Why is it called ‘pinched cake?’ Because the way to eat it is by pinching it. So cute, isn’t it?

As these street foods are our favorite, the rates will be:

Es Podeng:

Taste: 5 / 5

Price: 5 /5

Product Satisfaction: 5 /5



Taste: 4 / 5

Price: 5 / 5

Product Satisfaction: 4 / 5


Kue Cubit:

Taste: 5 / 5

Price: 5 / 5

Product Satisfaction: 5 / 5

We are so glad that bazaar week UPH always includes several street food stalls that can bring us back to childhood times especially after-school time. As those snacks are originally from Indonesia, no wonder if we are still mesmerized by them.



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