Do you want some “Calories”?

If we are going to eat, we will get calories anyway – so might as well purchase it from a stall named “Calories”! This stall name surely quick to capture attention – or unwanted attention 😛


Calories have 3 menus with unique names as well :

  • Obesity, grilled chicken for 30 K,
  • Mouthgasm, deep fried wedges potatoes for 20 K, and
  • Overdose, chicken and potato for 35K

Then it was completed (supposedly) with curry on nori sauce

The names suggest that it is comfort and junk food to the highest degree, but actually it isn’t greasy at all, in fact the chicken is rather healthy – grilled chicken breast with mozzarella cheese on top melted with torch-stove. We order one obesity – the products, not the body condition off course.

The chicken emits some amazing aroma when it is grilled, that we don’t really mind waiting for a long time. Thing is, the waiting time is really long – as the stall staffs doesn’t look like they are used to doing this. Perhaps a new project or business.

The end product tasted good, too, although we didn’t get it how it should – come here too early! It should consist of grilled chicken, corn, lettuce, then topped with special sauce. All of that is missing, we get additional grilled chicken in place of corn and lettuce. And the sauce is not curry nor nori, it is Honey Mustard. Not really complaining though, as the sauce is really tasty. Would like to try to make it at home!

What do you think? Did we miss or get benefit with the additional chicken?

Products : Chicken and potato, grilled and fried. With salad side dish.

Taste : 3,5/5
Price : 3/5

Afterthought : I am curious how the original tasted like



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