Pig a Boo : Pork waiting for you!

This stall, obviously, are selling pork. But unlike what their name suggest, there is nothing subtle about the pork. It’s on display!

WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (2)


WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (6)

For 35K, we can get a bowl of rice with pork of our choice (there are Balinese Pork, braised pork, and salted egg pork), and 2 vegetables – we choose salted egg pork with  singkong and sawi asin.



Actually, we are disappointed about how the pork turns out. Deep fried coated pork doesn’t taste good, it just kill the tenderness and fatness of pork.  The salted egg sauce also didn’t add anything to the taste.

WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (3)

It’s a shame when the brand is unique and have innovation, but perhaps we only ordered the wrong menu. Hope the brand can improve their menus!

Products : Pork Bowl with rice and vegies
Taste : 2/5 meh

Price : 3/5 Quite high but it’s how rare pork is in Indonesia

Afterthought : What is their signature menu?? Will it taste a lot better than this?


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