Fayrouz : Pineapple and Pear


Have you ever seen this product on the shelves? It’s quite new, and so they still put a discount price! 🙂
Foyrouz is a soda beverages with fruity taste, and so far they only show up with 2 taste : Pineapple and Pear. I previously try the Pear one, and it was good. The taste is unique as not many soda I ever see have Pear taste. Pear have a subtle sweetness and not too strong taste, and surprise, it’s a good combination with soda!

The Pineapple one is less compatible with soda. It’s acidity is killed, and so not so wonderful on the tongue like how it usually is. It’s a shame, really

Rating : 3,5/5,for the Pear. 3/5 for the Pineapple
Price : 10K for 2
Afterthought : I hope there are more Pear soda out there


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