Pan & Flip Restaurant (Part 2)

You have read our fun and tummy-filling adventure in Pan & Flip (Part 1) and now you want to hear more about it, right?
No? You haven’t?

Well, this part is as exciting, but I’d suggest to go read the part one to have a fuller glimpse of Pan & Flip!

Now we are here to give you more food you can consider to order at this varied-menu restaurant!

6. Thai Prawn Seafood (22K) [4/5]

Thai Prawn Mango Salad

This one is very delicious! Come with strong flavors like how Asian cuisine usually is, a mixed of sour and sweet sauce combined with a lot of sour mango with sweet prawns and lettuce. A pack of flavors ready to bomb your mouth! A good appetizer, and I would say you don’t have to order anything else if you want to feel full, as it’s packed with tummy-filling vegetables and . If I like                                                                                              prawns I might rate it 5/5

7. Nasi Uduk komplit (28K) [3.5/5]

Nasi Uduk komplit – fried chicken, tofu and tempeh with coconut milk infused rice

This Nasi uduk is the best. It’s cooked with the ideal amount of coconut milk, it doesn’t make us feel too overwhelmed with the taste, nor does it taste too salty to balance the sweetness of coconut. I fall in love in the first bite. The side dishes are not particularly as compelling, but they are alright. The fried chicken is not too oily, but the sambal pack no impact.


8. Nasi Goreng Balado (28 K) [3/5]

Nasi goreng with tumpeng shape!

This meal is very interesting and appealing from the presentation, as it’s quite unique for fried rice to be served in such a fashion. It was piled up forming pyramid like how a tumpeng usually is. From the name, Balado, I conclude it will be super spicy like how Indonesian Balado usually is. But not really – it was fine for people who doesn’t like spicy food. The beef used for this fried rice is soft and it doesn’t taste like any other fried rice so I’d say it’s worth it!

9. Beef Stroganoff (34K) [2,5/5]

Beef stroganoff

The owner explains that stroganoff perhaps are not suited to Indonesians’ tongue. It’s subtly sweet, making the tender beef cube marinated with smooth sweet cream. It sounds wonderful, but when the sauce tasted more like vanilla without a hint of other taste, it becomes… overwhelming. But the beef and the pasta itself are alright.

10. Macaroni cheese (32K) [3/5]

The old good mac n cheese!

This is Mac n Cheese, with a twist. Despite it being the best seller, I don’t really like it – but it is more because my preference rather than the actual taste. The macaroni is covered in creamy sauce and topped with cheese and then toasted. The cheese is not melted nor crispy – making it very chewy, a contrast with it’s velvety smooth cream and cheese beneath – I don’t know what’s the point is. Maybe it is supposed to be eaten when it’s still warm – maybe the cheese is melted then.

11. Choco chip pancake (19 K) [3/5]

Classic choco – choco combo!

The pancake is fluffy and soft, the ice cream are good, but the chocochips are not on the ice cream but on the plate, losing the essential meaning of the chocho chips itself. Shouldn’t choco chips add additional crunch but still maintain the chocolate taste? It’s good, I just want to complaint.



12. Cream and cookies frappe (21K) [3/5]

And other beverages we don’t get a taste

The Oreo is not quite crunched, so the taste is not entirely cookies and cream. The coffee is strong so that’s a plus, it doesn’t feel like just another sweet beverages 😉

All in all, I prefer the Oriental Food section of their menu. It’s cheaper than most main menu, and pack a lot of flavor. The Indonesian food lose compared to the one sold by street vendors :P, but are more aesthetically pleasing. The nasi goreng Balado and Sate Ayam is so prettily arranged!
It’s ironic when I primarily come here for the pasta, but rating pasta last of their menu list. I guess I have to explore more hahaha. The pasta is nice and still quite cheap, but not the best. It’s not al dente and the main selling point is the creaminess. Nothing bad, but nothing special either.

Variety. That’s the key.

So, have you considered on of this menu to order? Which one is your favorite menu usually, western, oriental, or Indonesian?

Sadly, because it’s cheap prices and god taste, the restaurant is usually very crowded and that makes the service usually take a long time before they can even listen to us. Nevertheless, this is a good option to hang out because they have big space and variety of menu enough to cater for every buds!


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