Berlin – Euro(esca) pe

Sorry it’s late! There are so much I want to write that I decided I will separate into other posts. I will try to post the main review of cities on Thursday, while the smaller post every other day. Stay tuned!


After fascinated by Doha’s Science Fiction wonders, I finally… landed in Berlin! Woohoo! Europe! It’s my first time being in another continent.

Berlin is quite a wonder. After completing my trip, I realize how lucky I am to have Berlin as my starting point. It is really a mixed city, metropolitan, but didn’t give the shiny-tall-buildings-everywhere scenery. At least not in the tourist center, and that’s quite big. It’s a history packed location, but not full of ruin. It’s full of facilities but not overly crowded. You got what I mean?

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2 thoughts on “Berlin – Euro(esca) pe”

  1. Hi Nikkha——Sorry to come crashing into your blog! I will be joining a couple at the Movenpick Hotel in Berlin for 4 nights starting July 16. Seeing if you or anyone has some recommendations on things to do, maybe not commonly know. thx!!


    1. I am not sure what’s not commonly known – maybe the walk on the dome of Reichstag, or perhaps the visit to Rausch Schokolandehaus. I think it’s impressive, although maybe touristy for some. And them there are a WWII museum out of the tourist centre – I haven’t got the chance to go there though


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