Cupbop – Korean Rice Bowl


We are back! As UPH  holds an annual festival named UPH Festival (or UPH students call it as UPH fest) of welcoming new students on August 18, 2016, We are truly excited by the abundant bazaar stalls for almost two weeks. For this year’s theme, UPH festival has been held 23 times, so that’s why it is named UPH 23rd Festival, within the theme “Reach Further”.

Though almost all of the food stalls are 80% exactly the same, actually there are several bazaar stalls we find it so brand-new and span-new. One of the ones included is cupbop. Its signature dishes are mostly a kind of Korean rice bowl. But, you can grab its side dishes such as kimchi (spicy, reddish and sour cabbage) and mandu (Korean style dimsum).


As wondering how its rice bowl will blow our mind away, we eventually decide to grab a bowl of B-Bop, Korean BBQ Beef to splurge on.


This is our B-Bop menu! See its cutie sweetie icon pictured on the bowl? Garnished with Japchae (Korean type of noodle), BBQ beef, sesame weed, cabbage and white rice beneath, doesn’t it look so adorable? Perhaps the picture is not too appetizing as the real snapshot is abruptly gone away (alright this is our bad, folks).


For us, the taste is a little bit blatant and ordinary. Besides, we do now why we cannot feel the authenticity of Korean cuisine through the dish. Instead, it tastes more Japanese just like Yoshinoya. The good point is the idea of the fusion between Korean and Japanese harmony throughout the dishes are kinda smart enough!

Here are the scores in accordance with what we have for fulfilling our dummy bellies.

  • Taste:75 / 100
  • Ambiance: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100
  • Price: 75 / 100
  • Service: 80 / 100

For one bowl of B-Bop, it is worth IDR 45,000,- included 10% tax. Can you believe it, folks? Absolutely pricey and spendy for the students, seriously. Our suggestion is, you had better share one dish with two or three people if just wanting to feel the taste in order to minimize your budget.


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