Sukiya Suki Desu!

The brand-new Ah Mei and Sukiya restaurants now are ready to serve you at Lippo Supermall! Located side by side, you still can see its fancy bouquets scattered around Sukiya ’till November 10.

Sukiya is a fast food restaurant with no service charge at all, you will see a kind of tip jar in front of the cashier. I like this very much as I can actually eat and tip if I feel like it, not because I am obligated to.


On the other hand, I am quite trinkled with its peculiar pre-packaged menus like having ramen and rice in one dish. Perhaps, this occurs because Indonesians like having indomie with rice. Oh well.

Eating at Sukiya costs IDR 40,000 – IDR 50,000 per person, beverages  included. Two type of set menus offered: you can order the main course then pick one of the four additional set menus around IDR 20,000, or you can have the ready-made pre-packaged menu in cheaper price. For the pre-packaged menus, they cost IDR 50,000 – IDR 60,000 included main course, one side dish (gyoza, croquet, etc.), rice or miso soup. Such a deal, I guess.

There are three main course menus such as curry rice, gyudon, and ramen. I and my friend pick the ramen as Yoshinoya’s gyudon  (Japanese Beef Bowl, a type of cuisine with warm rice in the bottom and thin, chewy, tasty beef at the top) is tastier, according to her. We have Tokyo Ramen (shoyu) and Paitan Ramen (crystal-clear soup) with miso soup and gyoza.

Tokyo Shoyu Ramen – sorry it’s blur

Sukiya’s ramen portion is quite big and tummy-full. If not really hungry, you had better think twice of ordering its side dish – I and my friend cannot finish it!

For the Tokyo Ramen, it is pretty great! It can’t be compared to Paitan Ramen as it has a very lite soup, barely tastible. If tastible is even a word.

I am pretty surprised when a deep-fried gyoza dish served on the table – I have never seen anything like that. Gyoza is, traditionaly, somehow toasted – sauteed in a flat surface, making it slightly chewy texture by making it juicy as can be. Though I like crunchy foods, I still prefer the original gyoza instead.

Its miso soup is mind-blowing within a rich taste of the miso itself.

Though it is located at the center and spacious enough, the table is not really wide and the distance between the tables is closed – suitable for having a small chit-chat.

All in all, I will be back again trying another main course menus.

Recommended : Tokyo Ramen, Miso Soup


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