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Bazaar Week UPH on May 23 – May 27 2016

Croyaki – Croissant Taiyaki

Another snack we gorge ourselves on during bazaar week UPH is croyaki, croissant taiyaki. The word croissant, spelled as /krəˈsɒnt/, is a French type of pastry known for its crescent shape. What do you think if it is combined with taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped snack filled with red bean paste? Hmm…


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Cupbop – Korean Rice Bowl


We are back! As UPH  holds an annual festival named UPH Festival (or UPH students call it as UPH fest) of welcoming new students on August 18, 2016, We are truly excited by the abundant bazaar stalls for almost two weeks. For this year’s theme, UPH festival has been held 23 times, so that’s why it is named UPH 23rd Festival, within the theme “Reach Further”. Continue reading Cupbop – Korean Rice Bowl

Day 5 Bazaar Week UPH

HOORAY! Eventually our culinary journey at bazaar week UPH is officially over! We utterly cannot wait for the next UPH bazaar, though. So, here are the things we get during the last day.

  1. Nasi Tjandoe: Definitely Makes You ‘Ketjandoean’
  2. Waroeng JS: The King of Chili
  3. Salted Egg
  4. Mie Kangkung
  5. Master Duren

Though still amateur, we will be updating more contents about culinary and travel spots you can enjoy. Thank you for keep reading our blogs during bazaar week UPH! 🙂

Master Duren: The Real Frozen Durian

Last but not least, we have this authentic durian ice cream as the closing to end our day 5 culinary journey at bazaar week UPH. While looking at its banner, the expectation will be the frozen durian turns out inside the cup and we find it so true! The pictures and the reality are exactly the same, we will have a hundred percent durian flesh ice cream! As the sun is shining brightly, it will be great to have something sweet and cold meal, though. So, we will have medium size cup, then.

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Waroeng JS: The King of Chili

To end our culinary journey during bazaar week UPH, we definitely do not want to miss this hot and reddish food to awake us during after-lunch office hours. So, we challenge for those who can conquer spicy foods, register yourself of having a menu at this stall as your lunch.


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Salted Egg: Is It Really Salty?

First impression captured while hearing the stall’s name is about having a salty sunny side up with white rice beneath. Well, again the imagination turns out differently while seeing the menu itself. The cup is similar to the noodle stall on most Hollywood movies, but you will find several chunked chicken covered with salty egg followed with the sunny side up and white rice. How do you think it will fare?

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Mie Kangkung: Jakarta’s Noodle Signature Dish

Catatan Si Ave

After having mixed-rice dish, we are having another attempt of trying mie kangkung, a noodle signature dish coming from the capital city of Indonesia, exactly from Betawi. What makes it unique is the presence of kangkung vegetable or called water spinach as the companion. Besides, its brown-colored thick soup is made of chicken or beef broth along with sweet soy sauce. At the end, it is added with a dash of kaffir lime, bean sprouts and fried shallots to make it more appetizing. Aren’t you drooling away now, folks?


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