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Hamburg Christmas Market


Date: 17th December 2015

I never imagined I’d have to write the second part of Hamburg, because I spent so little time there, and I really thought I have covered it all! Well turns out not, and my memory fails me :0, I write so little about the Christmas Market because I thought I lose all of the photos. I mistakenly think it’s in Hanover! Haha, well, here it is. Honestly, this one is the less crowded and more explained one, because I am in my friend’s town!

Euro(esca)pe Index

update-1 Totally never see pengamen with this instruments back in my country

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Fayrouz : Pineapple and Pear


Have you ever seen this product on the shelves? It’s quite new, and so they still put a discount price! 🙂
Foyrouz is a soda beverages with fruity taste, and so far they only show up with 2 taste : Pineapple and Pear. I previously try the Pear one, and it was good. The taste is unique as not many soda I ever see have Pear taste. Pear have a subtle sweetness and not too strong taste, and surprise, it’s a good combination with soda!

The Pineapple one is less compatible with soda. It’s acidity is killed, and so not so wonderful on the tongue like how it usually is. It’s a shame, really

Rating : 3,5/5,for the Pear. 3/5 for the Pineapple
Price : 10K for 2
Afterthought : I hope there are more Pear soda out there

Pujangga Kopi Dingin: Innovation of Cold Brewed Coffee

Thinking about coffee, what comes to your mind? Is it its blackish, hot beverages with steams from the brewing process with bitter taste? At this stall, you will find something different from the image of coffee as it has the method of cold-brewing process that is worth a try. It offers black, latte, and flavored coffee as its main signatures. For this opportunity, the butter rum coffee catches our attention.


Continue reading Pujangga Kopi Dingin: Innovation of Cold Brewed Coffee

Indomie Now Turns Out into Bites!

Indofood, one of the enormous food industries in Indonesia keeps developing its products starting from instant noodles within abundant kinds of flavors you can see at supermarkets up noodle bites – another sensational snack you can grab only on AEON supermarket at the moment. It has three flavors from seaweed (green), BBQ pizza (orange) and seafood tempura (pink). For this time, I just grab the green and orange colors as I am run out of cash (oops….) LOL Continue reading Indomie Now Turns Out into Bites!

Shin Cup Ramyun: Reddish & Spicy Korean Noodle

I believe this Korean instant ramyun (noodle) is quite abundant at most supermarkets even mini-markets. I buy the mushroom flavor as its tantalizing picture drives me crazy. The taste is somewhat scrumptious ans spicy. Besides, it has chunked mushrooms inside the seasoning. Very recommended for those who are spicy lovers, but this is not affordable as this is worth IDR 12,500,-. Despite the price, it is worth a try! Continue reading Shin Cup Ramyun: Reddish & Spicy Korean Noodle

Sozzis: An Indescribable Chicken Sausage

Who does not know this chicken sausage local brand sold at supermarkets? Its colorful packaging and cute pictures successfully grab the attention of children, especially. Besides, its handy sausages consisting of three pieces and ready-to-eat features make it pretty handy as a snack. Well, for about IDR 5,500,- per package, this is affordable. The taste? Of course it can not be exactly what you have imagined just like having a plate of sausage at restaurants. The texture is somewhat “abstract” and its taste is weird. I am not so sure enough how well I can describe it. I do not think that I will come back for this though it is free. If you want to challenge yourself of tasting an anti-mainstream chicken sausage, consider this as an option.  Continue reading Sozzis: An Indescribable Chicken Sausage

Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade

Nu, a bottled tea beverages company, recently releasing a new product : lemonade. Sea salt lemonade, to be exact. And it was discounted!


So, being a cheapo I am, I bought it! (And I can’t resist trying new things). The taste is fine, but it’s not a new taste. The lemonade is not very sour, it taste like it’s just sugar water with salty and sour aftertaste. It tasted like Adem Sari without the impact. The good thing? It’s not overly sweet like how bottled beverage in Indonesia usually is. Continue reading Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade