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From bottled to canned drinks

Fayrouz : Pineapple and Pear


Have you ever seen this product on the shelves? It’s quite new, and so they still put a discount price! 🙂
Foyrouz is a soda beverages with fruity taste, and so far they only show up with 2 taste : Pineapple and Pear. I previously try the Pear one, and it was good. The taste is unique as not many soda I ever see have Pear taste. Pear have a subtle sweetness and not too strong taste, and surprise, it’s a good combination with soda!

The Pineapple one is less compatible with soda. It’s acidity is killed, and so not so wonderful on the tongue like how it usually is. It’s a shame, really

Rating : 3,5/5,for the Pear. 3/5 for the Pineapple
Price : 10K for 2
Afterthought : I hope there are more Pear soda out there


Pujangga Kopi Dingin: Innovation of Cold Brewed Coffee

Thinking about coffee, what comes to your mind? Is it its blackish, hot beverages with steams from the brewing process with bitter taste? At this stall, you will find something different from the image of coffee as it has the method of cold-brewing process that is worth a try. It offers black, latte, and flavored coffee as its main signatures. For this opportunity, the butter rum coffee catches our attention.


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Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade

Nu, a bottled tea beverages company, recently releasing a new product : lemonade. Sea salt lemonade, to be exact. And it was discounted!


So, being a cheapo I am, I bought it! (And I can’t resist trying new things). The taste is fine, but it’s not a new taste. The lemonade is not very sour, it taste like it’s just sugar water with salty and sour aftertaste. It tasted like Adem Sari without the impact. The good thing? It’s not overly sweet like how bottled beverage in Indonesia usually is. Continue reading Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade