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A peek of our home country

Discovering Benteng Heritage Museum 2016

Catatan Si Ave


This year’s August 17 for me ispretty special because of not only celebrating Indonesia’s independence day, but also discovering the first settlement of ethnic-Chinese civilization in Tangerang through the iconic Chinese-style ancient housedesigned with low-curving sloped roofs in the midst of Pasar Lamatraditional market named Benteng Heritage Museum, the first Chinese-Indonesian heritage museum in Indonesia.

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Thousand Islands: A Motherland’s Vitamin Sea

Catatan Si Ave

Harapan Island, July 2015

The previous year’s Eid Mubarak holiday was really worth-remembering as I planned to explore Thousand Islands located in the Bay of North Jakarta. Prior to D-day, I and my 9 friends were busy looking for recommended travel agencies that offered affordable and economical price for 2 days and 1 night. After finding a great travel agency, all the schedules were set and I utterly could not wait for it. At 6.00 am in the morning, I arrived at Kali Adem harbor, Muara Angke in the Northern part of Jakarta for 45 minutes by grabbing 2 taxicabs. I truly felt surprised witnessing the sea of humans queuing behind the entrance ticket. Around 1.5 hours waiting for the boat to Harapan Island, eventually it arrived at 7.30 am. Before heading off to Harapan Island, an announcement said that it would take 4 hours.

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