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Fish & Pasta Bar – Pasar Lama, Tangerang

Catatan Si Ave

It’s been quite a long time no posting and updating you all with my food review as I have been settling a new routine since December 2016 until now. I guess, this is my first blog entry about paying a visit to the “infant-born” fish and pasta culinary spot located in the heart of Tangerang city in 2017, or “the year of fire rooster”, most people say.


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The coziest Hostel in Wroclaw : Grampa’s Hostel

Here is my most recommended hostel on Wroclaw, or even Europe


There’s a lot of things I love about my short visit to Wroclaw, Poland, and the hostel I stayed at surely contribute a lot. The name’s Grampa’s Hostel    (And here’s their website)

Let me tell you one thing I love the most about this place : How it feels so cozy and homey.

I guess, hostels are expected to give the homey feeling : it’s a place where backpackers come and go and interact. Socializing. Where people with the same passion (travelling) could meet and then built everlasting relationship. Where the travel stories begin and cross-country friendships bloom.

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Telur Gulung


I used to go “Tsk… tsk…” on people who have no choices but to purchase the expensive version of this snacks. I mean, this snacks should cost really low considering the ingredients that are used to make this : eggs, sometimes fish cake, and oil. Lots of oil.

But now, yeah, I realized that this snacks is very hard to come across these days, and even I have to put up with the Rp 2.000/sticks cost. And I put up with it because it’s addictive. Oh, unhealthy fried foods, why are you so tasty?WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (3)

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How It All Begins

“Hey, wanna colab?”

That’s all it takes for this blog to be born. We are office mates sharing the same passion and both have blogs. Why not?

This web consists of two people :

  • Yanni Karina, who focuses on nonsensical long words, and
  • Aveline Felicia, whose blog post is fresh, visual, and cheery

This blog is probably more about re-blogs than original contents, but at least it will spare you from the unnecessary part aside from food and travel.