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Mie Kangkung: Jakarta’s Noodle Signature Dish

Catatan Si Ave

After having mixed-rice dish, we are having another attempt of trying mie kangkung, a noodle signature dish coming from the capital city of Indonesia, exactly from Betawi. What makes it unique is the presence of kangkung vegetable or called water spinach as the companion. Besides, its brown-colored thick soup is made of chicken or beef broth along with sweet soy sauce. At the end, it is added with a dash of kaffir lime, bean sprouts and fried shallots to make it more appetizing. Aren’t you drooling away now, folks?


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Mayo Slimmer: Are You Qrazy Enough?

What comes to our mind while hearing this stall’s name is about healthy, expensive, and exclusive culinary traits such as signature fruit and vegetables. Well, the first impression is suddenly faded away when visiting the stall nearby building D UPH. It is all about Western and Arabian food as well as its signature beverages. I don’t know what a Slimmer is doing opening a Western and Arabian food stall in a bazaar, maybe they will profit from the weight people gain afterwards. For this time, we try its Arabian food named mancheesy, meaning maryam keju susu (why is the name ‘maryam?’ is it because of the founder has the name ‘maryam’ perhaps? Alright..)

This taste good, the outer layer is pan fried until it’s crispy while the inner layer is soft and chewy, like how it should be. Topped with shredded cheese and condensed milk make it more mouthwatering. Great!

The other products we try is Cheese Toast. Thing is, the stall run out of bread so we get 50% discount and get a half toast. The toast is… Well, ordinary. It should contain yummy gooey cheese with additional comfort food bits, but it fails a bit. The cheese is only scattered, not melted a bit, and the sauce are all over the place. The smoked beef tasted veeery great though!

The biggest let down for this stall is that it feels like it’s lacking preparation. The first time we are there it’s barely open when it’s almost lunch time. The second, they are sort on bread while it’s only opening. The food is good if you bear the service.

Products : Cheese toast, maryam, milkshake
Taste : 3/5
Price : 4/5
Afterthought : Do they really intend to open the stall??