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Sukiya Suki Desu!

The brand-new Ah Mei and Sukiya restaurants now are ready to serve you at Lippo Supermall! Located side by side, you still can see its fancy bouquets scattered around Sukiya ’till November 10.

Sukiya is a fast food restaurant with no service charge at all, you will see a kind of tip jar in front of the cashier. I like this very much as I can actually eat and tip if I feel like it, not because I am obligated to.


On the other hand, I am quite trinkled with its peculiar pre-packaged menus like having ramen and rice in one dish. Perhaps, this occurs because Indonesians like having indomie with rice. Oh well.

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Croyaki – Croissant Taiyaki

Another snack we gorge ourselves on during bazaar week UPH is croyaki, croissant taiyaki. The word croissant, spelled as /krəˈsɒnt/, is a French type of pastry known for its crescent shape. What do you think if it is combined with taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped snack filled with red bean paste? Hmm…


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Cupbop – Korean Rice Bowl


We are back! As UPH  holds an annual festival named UPH Festival (or UPH students call it as UPH fest) of welcoming new students on August 18, 2016, We are truly excited by the abundant bazaar stalls for almost two weeks. For this year’s theme, UPH festival has been held 23 times, so that’s why it is named UPH 23rd Festival, within the theme “Reach Further”. Continue reading Cupbop – Korean Rice Bowl

Genki Sushi – Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Catatan Si Ave


Who does not love sushi nowadays?  Its delectable and savory taste from every single bite drives you pretty crazy. For this time, I will have my sushi made fresh from Genki Sushi’s oven. Unfortunately, this Japanese food stall is currently unavailable in Tangerang. So, you have to be in Jakarta fighting for its daily heavy traffic jam if wanting to visit this place. 

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Pan & Flip Restaurant (Part 1)

Have you ever tried visiting a restaurant putting on Western, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisine included in its menus? If have not, Pan & Flip restaurant can be the answer of fulfilling your curiosity. Located at Supermal Karawaci in Tangerang, it becomes one of lip-smacking culinary spots you can visit while having a walk. As we are wondering how each menu will fare, here are the five foods you can gorge yourself on.

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Day 5 Bazaar Week UPH

HOORAY! Eventually our culinary journey at bazaar week UPH is officially over! We utterly cannot wait for the next UPH bazaar, though. So, here are the things we get during the last day.

  1. Nasi Tjandoe: Definitely Makes You ‘Ketjandoean’
  2. Waroeng JS: The King of Chili
  3. Salted Egg
  4. Mie Kangkung
  5. Master Duren

Though still amateur, we will be updating more contents about culinary and travel spots you can enjoy. Thank you for keep reading our blogs during bazaar week UPH! 🙂

Day 4 of UPH bazaar


We are almost finished on trying the small snacks and decided to buy the big meals in the day after so we only try a small portion today! But we found some good enough stalls, check it out :

1. Roti Maryam from Qrazy Meal
2. Calories
3. Pig a boo!

All of this kind of having a hint that it’s qrazy to have all in one day, but alas, click on the names to go on the complete review!