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Pan & Flip Restaurant (Part 2)

You have read our fun and tummy-filling adventure in Pan & Flip (Part 1) and now you want to hear more about it, right?
No? You haven’t?

Well, this part is as exciting, but I’d suggest to go read the part one to have a fuller glimpse of Pan & Flip!

Now we are here to give you more food you can consider to order at this varied-menu restaurant!

6. Thai Prawn Seafood (22K) [4/5]

Thai Prawn Mango Salad

This one is very delicious! Come with strong flavors like how Asian cuisine usually is, a mixed of sour and sweet sauce combined with a lot of sour mango with sweet prawns and lettuce. A pack of flavors ready to bomb your mouth! A good appetizer, and I would say you don’t have to order anything else if you want to feel full, as it’s packed with tummy-filling vegetables and . If I like                                                                                              prawns I might rate it 5/5

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Waroeng JS: The King of Chili

To end our culinary journey during bazaar week UPH, we definitely do not want to miss this hot and reddish food to awake us during after-lunch office hours. So, we challenge for those who can conquer spicy foods, register yourself of having a menu at this stall as your lunch.


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Salted Egg: Is It Really Salty?

First impression captured while hearing the stall’s name is about having a salty sunny side up with white rice beneath. Well, again the imagination turns out differently while seeing the menu itself. The cup is similar to the noodle stall on most Hollywood movies, but you will find several chunked chicken covered with salty egg followed with the sunny side up and white rice. How do you think it will fare?

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Day 4 of UPH bazaar


We are almost finished on trying the small snacks and decided to buy the big meals in the day after so we only try a small portion today! But we found some good enough stalls, check it out :

1. Roti Maryam from Qrazy Meal
2. Calories
3. Pig a boo!

All of this kind of having a hint that it’s qrazy to have all in one day, but alas, click on the names to go on the complete review!

Pig a Boo : Pork waiting for you!

This stall, obviously, are selling pork. But unlike what their name suggest, there is nothing subtle about the pork. It’s on display!

WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (2)


WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (6)

For 35K, we can get a bowl of rice with pork of our choice (there are Balinese Pork, braised pork, and salted egg pork), and 2 vegetables – we choose salted egg pork with  singkong and sawi asin.



Actually, we are disappointed about how the pork turns out. Deep fried coated pork doesn’t taste good, it just kill the tenderness and fatness of pork.  The salted egg sauce also didn’t add anything to the taste.

WhatsApp-Image-20160526 (3)

It’s a shame when the brand is unique and have innovation, but perhaps we only ordered the wrong menu. Hope the brand can improve their menus!

Products : Pork Bowl with rice and vegies
Taste : 2/5 meh

Price : 3/5 Quite high but it’s how rare pork is in Indonesia

Afterthought : What is their signature menu?? Will it taste a lot better than this?

Do you want some “Calories”?

If we are going to eat, we will get calories anyway – so might as well purchase it from a stall named “Calories”! This stall name surely quick to capture attention – or unwanted attention 😛


Calories have 3 menus with unique names as well :

  • Obesity, grilled chicken for 30 K,
  • Mouthgasm, deep fried wedges potatoes for 20 K, and
  • Overdose, chicken and potato for 35K

Then it was completed (supposedly) with curry on nori sauce

The names suggest that it is comfort and junk food to the highest degree, but actually it isn’t greasy at all, in fact the chicken is rather healthy – grilled chicken breast with mozzarella cheese on top melted with torch-stove. We order one obesity – the products, not the body condition off course.

The chicken emits some amazing aroma when it is grilled, that we don’t really mind waiting for a long time. Thing is, the waiting time is really long – as the stall staffs doesn’t look like they are used to doing this. Perhaps a new project or business.

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Cutie Mini Ovomaltine Martabak: What Do You Think?

Secondly, we do not want to lose this mini martabak at bazaar week UPH as it is quite a rare to see the food stall selling martabak. The menus are divided into categories such as classic, gold, and premium. Classic menu is actually the basic martabak people usually have just like chocolate, cheese, etc. Another category, the gold one, includes ovomaltine, nutella, etc. The premium one will be about toblerone chocolate, green tea kit kat, etc. As we like ovomaltine pretty much, at the end we try having the ovomaltine version of martabak without thinking too much.

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