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Sukiya Suki Desu!

The brand-new Ah Mei and Sukiya restaurants now are ready to serve you at Lippo Supermall! Located side by side, you still can see its fancy bouquets scattered around Sukiya ’till November 10.

Sukiya is a fast food restaurant with no service charge at all, you will see a kind of tip jar in front of the cashier. I like this very much as I can actually eat and tip if I feel like it, not because I am obligated to.


On the other hand, I am quite trinkled with its peculiar pre-packaged menus like having ramen and rice in one dish. Perhaps, this occurs because Indonesians like having indomie with rice. Oh well.

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Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade

Nu, a bottled tea beverages company, recently releasing a new product : lemonade. Sea salt lemonade, to be exact. And it was discounted!


So, being a cheapo I am, I bought it! (And I can’t resist trying new things). The taste is fine, but it’s not a new taste. The lemonade is not very sour, it taste like it’s just sugar water with salty and sour aftertaste. It tasted like Adem Sari without the impact. The good thing? It’s not overly sweet like how bottled beverage in Indonesia usually is. Continue reading Nu Oceana : Sea Salt Lemonade